Monday, April 18, 2011

At long last Rings!

I have always been drawn to the siren call of rings.  Little ones, big ones, all silver, gold, no stones, lots of stones;  I love them all.  I love to wear them. And I am not alone.  Women love rings. We love to try them on, to show our friends, to ooh and ahh with delight at how they sparkle and shine.

But as a silversmith I have resisted making rings for many years.  Unlike earrings, they must be the right size to fit the customer.  I have to be prepared to make them to order or to know that my one-of-a-kind design will only fit a few of its potential admirers.   

Lightly Hammered Argentium Sterling Silver Stacking Ring
I can no longer resist.  They call to me as an artist as well as an admirer. I must make rings.  I want to see what I can create.   I have plans for all kinds of rings, and have scheduled time in my shop for playing with silver and stones.  I am looking forward to creating fun new things with the materials I have used for years to make my earrings and pendants.

Set of Three Lightly Hammered Argentium Sterling Silver Stacking Rings

Here is my first addition.  Simple, small Argentium Sterling Silver stacking rings, lightly hammered.  I'm offering them singly, in groupings of 3 and 5, or however anyone wants them.  I posted them the other day and have already had a few sales.  


Now I'm off to the studio to play.  Look for more new rings soon.


  1. These are so beauitufl!

  2. Thank you! I'm enjoying making them.

  3. those are gorgeous!! I'm going to follow you but usually I'm anonymous. I will put you on my side bar. Cthings1 Blog Enjoy your week!

  4. Thank you, Cindy! I followed your blog as well. I look forward to seeing you there!

    If you put a link to your blog in your Google signature (the one that comes up when you click your picture under "followers") we can find and follow your blog more easily.

  5. okay I will try this! thanks for telling me!

  6. My pleasure! We're all learning so much with bootcamp!


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